Chemical Remediation


ORIN Technologies has been dedicated exclusively to the design and implementation of in-situ chemical remediation technologies since 1995. We have completed well over hundreds of full-scale remediation programs across the United States, and have been active internationally since 1999, conducting the first in-situ chemical remediation application in Europe. We are a full-service firm, offering a variety of chemical remediation services, including site-specific design and implementation of bench-, pilot-, and full-scale applications.

ORIN Technologies has consistently provided innovative remedial solutions to our diverse clientele network, and we continue to expand our services to incorporate the advances occurring within the industry. Our extensive field experience, together with independently published results of our work, and our knowledgeable staff of professionals, ensures that ORIN continues to be one of the world's top environmental remediation firms. 

 Our Chemical Remediation Services Include:


  • Site Evaluation and Design
  • Bench Testing/Laboratory Studies
  • Field-Scale Programs (In-Situ Chemical Oxidation and/or Reduction)
  • Novel Application Methods
  • Field Demonstrations
  • Technology Coupling
  • Educational Resources

Our Site Experience Includes:


  • Active Gasoline Stations
  • Dry Cleaning Facilities
  • MGP - Manufactured Gas Plants
  • Brownfields
  • DoD Projects
  • Residential
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Innovative Approaches
  • Access Limitations
  • Short Timeframes
  • Comingled Plumes
  • Pay-For-Performance Contracting

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