Dune Marine Services

Dune Marine Services is capable of providing:

  • Lake/River Bathymetry
  • Pre & Post Dredging Analysis
  • Vegetation Density
  • Bottom Hardness/Composition
  • Acoustic Doppler Discharge & Flow
  • Water Quality Parameters


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HH Mouth

 Bathymetric Measurement and Imaging

HH comp

 Bottom Hardness & Composition

HH Sonar Image

Sonar Tracking & Target Imaging


cannelton industries

Pre & Post Dredging Analysis - Confirm & Map Sediment Volume Removal

Prior High Resolution Veg No ID

 Vegetation Mapping


winriver software

 Acoustic Doppler Velocity & Discharge Measurement


 Aqua TROLL 600 TROLL Com 373x280  RiverRayFloat 003 sm  riverpro photo

Water Quality Parameter Monitoring/Imaging

pH - ORP - Conductivity - Salinity - Dissolved Oxygen - Turbidity - Nitrate - Chloride - Ammonium

Actual conductivity (μS/cm,mS/cm); Specific conductivity(μS/cm, mS/cm); Salinity(PSU); Total dissolved solids(ppt, ppm); Resistivity (Ohmscm); Density (g/cm3)








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