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From aquaculture and remediation, to energy, mining, and research, In-Situ is known for innovating reliable, top quality water monitoring equipment that reduces field visits and equipment costs.

We’re committed to the customer experience.That means free, 24/7 tech support, plus a team of experts to help you find the right solution for your project.

In-Situ gives you durable, field-tested water quality testing and water level monitoring equipment—all manufactured right here in the U.S., and backed by our 97% customer satisfaction rating.

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Water Level Monitoring - Aquifer Characterization         Water Quality Monitoring - Low-Flow Sampling            Remote Monitoring -Telemetry - Networking




Aquifer Characterization - Slug Testing - Pump Testing            Download the Slug-Test Application Note

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Level TROLL 700 cable 373x280 Virtual HERMIT Aquifer Testing Kit 373x280

LevelTroll 500 & 700                                     Virtual Hermit


Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling          Download the Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling Application Note


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 AT600 Low Flow smarTROLL MP Handheld Android VuSitu 373x280 Monsoon XL 4f657106ad7ca0f38ccd969833bec16d

AquaTroll 600 Low-Flow Sampling System                     SmarTroll Low-Flow Sampling System                  Submersible Pumps                 

 In-Situ Flow-Sense Software Advantages:

  • Automated Stabilization
  • No Need to Fill Out Paper Field Forms
  • No Need to Calculate Stabilization Manually
  • Use Your Own Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer
  • All Data is Recorded & Stored Digitally
  • All Data Can Be Exported in Acrobat - Digital Field Forms
  • Automated Calibration
  • Digitally Signed Field Forms
  • Make Your Reports Look More Professional
  • Take More Accurate Data
  • Make Your Sampling Event More Comparable

Why Would I Adopt this Platform?

Digitally control all your data
Program all site and sampling data before you go into the field. (Dry office vs. inclement weather)
Top-Down Project Management
Better QA/QC – Lessen Field Errors – Data Entry
Comprehensive Data Capture – Sampling & Calibration
Allows for field personnel to become more efficient
Save time in the field
Save time in report preparation & data management, no data transcription
Create better deliverables – All digital – Create your own custom templates
Create a sampling regime that is repeatable, delivers more accurate data, and allows you to come to more accurate conclusions
Be better than your competitors


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