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Dune Technologies, LLC


In Short, we are here to help you deliver better results for your client

Dune Technologies, LLC, in conjunction with the companies it represents, provides technical solutions to challenges faced by the environmental engineering/consulting community. Dune is a valuable partner to consultants and providers of environmental sensor instrumentation, site characterization and in-situ remediation technologies, as we have intimate knowledge of leading edge technologies, their appropriate applicability, advantages and limitations. Dune Technologies has a philosophy and goal of unsurpassed technological innovation and customer support.

The focus and purpose of Dune is to help consultants by providing rapid & accurate in-situ remedial estimates (24 hours), so informed decisions can be made and provided to your clients quickly.  Dune evaluates more than 100 sites per year, and has more than 25 years of in-situ remedial experience. The ultimate goal is to support your organization in conducting the most efficient and effective remedial solution available.


Dune Technologies, LLC helps their clients by providing feasibility, education and support for:

  • In-Situ Remedial Feasibility (Thermal, Bio, Chemical)

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems (Sensors, Telemetry, Networks, Sonar, Imaging, Water Quality)

  • Site Characterization (Vapor Monitoring, GW Sampling, Horizontal Nested Wells)

  • Cost Estimates, Technology Effectiveness, Project Support & Expectations, Rapid Feasibility



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In order to be effective and compliant with our philosophy at Dune Technologies, we focus on a territory in the Midwest/Great Lakes Region, where Dune Personnel, and Experience are greatest.  We are capable of representation across the United States.

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